About Public Adjusters: How to Find the Best

1800Adjusters FL and NY Public Adjusters

If you find yourself in the midst of a loss, you will want a public adjuster on your side. Once you make that decision, you need to know how to pick a public adjuster that will fight for you.

Consider the following criteria anytime you evaluate a public adjuster.

Factors to Evaluate

You don’t want to simply hire the first public insurance adjuster that comes along. It’s wise to interview the adjuster and look at these factors.

  • Experience: You don’t want to hire someone that’s new to the field. Instead, trust a reliable group that can prove past success.
  • Consultation: Adjusters shouldn’t promise you anything without first reviewing the insurance policy and looking at the damage. If an agency is promising you something before a consultation, this should serve as a warning sign that something is not right.
  • Licenses: Make sure your public adjuster has the appropriate licensing to operate in your state.
  • References: Absolutely ask the adjuster for previous references.
  • Fees: Adjusters often work for a percentage of the claim. If the loss is small, the percentage should also be lower. If the adjuster is going to have to put forth extra work or hire additional contractors, it’s natural for the bill to be a little higher. Any incredibly low or high rate should cause concern.
  • Contract: Take time to read the contract before agreeing to anything. You should never feel pressured to move forward, even if there is a time crunch involved.

Hire a Professional Adjuster

With 1800Adjusters™, you know we are on your side. Our team has the experience and can show you our results. Our reputation in dealing with insurance companies and property owners speaks for itself. We are looking to help you, not the insurance company. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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