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1800Adjusters™ has been helping clients with insurance claims over fifteen years. Our mission is to help homeowners and small business owners receive the maximum money possible from their insurance claims. We are a Nationwide Network of Licensed & Bonded Public Insurance Adjusters. Member of the Better Business Bureau A+ Rating and the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA). Currently servicing New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida and affiliates throughout the USA.

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David Romano - 1800 Adjusters

David Romano

Licensed Public Adjuster
New York License #832498
New Jersey License #1227969
South Carolina License #4652190
Connecticut License #2318435
Florida License #P169629
Texas License #2637470

(Elite 1-800-ADJUSTERS, Inc.)

When David Romano witnessed the ways insurance companies were taking advantage of the consumer, he knew he had to do something about it. Not only has David been a Licensed NY State Public Adjuster for more than 25 years, but he has a long list of credentials and experience to back him up.

David Romano earned his Bachelor of Science from St. Francis College in 1994. From there, he went on to take the NAPIA Course for Condo Coverage Claims in 1998 and attended the College of Insurance Property Insurance Contracts in 1999.

In 2002, David also took the Kingsborough Community College P&C Brokers Licensing Course, lasting for 120 hours. Eight years ago, David knew he wanted to do something more with his talents, which is when he teamed up with Craig Spiegel to create 1800Adjusters.com.

Since the inception of the business, David has committed to being the best in his field. For more than ten years, he has been an NYC Metro Insurance “RAP” Trade Show Participant. He has also been an NYC Condo & Coop Trade Show Participant for five+ years.

Currently, he serves as a member of the Connectors Networking Group and BNI Networking Group. His goal is to make the connections needed to help more people in their fights against the insurance companies. David continues to invest time in learning and growing, which ensures he has the knowledge and skills needed to negotiate settlements successfully.

While David prides himself on being one of the top public adjusters, nothing is more important to him than his wife and two daughters. Together, they reside in Long Island, NY.

If you want the best on your side, you want to hire David Romano. He knows how to get you what you deserve. Don’t try, NEVER try, to negotiate with the insurance company on your own.

Craig Spiegel has committed himself to fighting for the consumer. In everything he has set out to do, he has made others the priority in his life. His dedication to service is what helps him to succeed in everything he does.

Craig Spiegel is a Brooklyn Native and attended Kingsborough Community College. He also played two years of college baseball as a starter. These valuable years taught Craig how to be a team player and look out for others.

Craig was one of the pioneers in cellular phone business and distribution. He was responsible for starting up a successful wireless distribution business and honed his management skills as a business owner.

Next, he began his career as a licensed insurance adjuster in 2003. It didn’t take long before he saw the overwhelming need for public adjusters. In 2008, he began his career in the field with Elite Public Adjusters. Just four years later, in 2012, he became one of the founding partners at 1800Adjusters, knowing that he could readily serve his clients and make a difference in the community.

Since the start of this partnership, Craig does everything in his power to be the best public adjuster in the market. He continues to train and learn more in the field, so he can remain at the top of his game. With every new experience he has and the training he receives, he becomes better for his clients.

Craig has been married for 12 years and has three daughters. He is an active member of the Mazel Jewish learning school and heavily involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Not only does Craig play Senior Elite softball in his spare time, but he is also a fantasy football and baseball enthusiast.

Craig Spiegel – 1800 Adjusters

Craig Spiegel

Licensed Public Adjuster
New York License #522017
Pennsylvania License #738900
New Jersey License #1317695
(Elite 1-800-ADJUSTERS, Inc.)

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