Business Interruption

Business Interruption

What will you do if your business experiences a natural or man-made disaster? If your operations are stalled, will you be able to recover? Nearly forty percent of small businesses will never reopen their doors after a major disaster*. With business interruption insurance, you have some protection that helps you to survive, but how do you get what you are entitled to after a loss. After all, the insurance company isn’t entirely interested in keeping you in business. You have to fight for your rights, but you don’t have to do it alone.

If you have business interruption insurance, you might be covered for the amount you would have earned if the disaster didn’t occur. To effectively get what you deserve, it’s imperative to determine the extent of interruption and determine how long coverage is needed. Your insurer isn’t going to offer more than what they want to settle for. Some areas of the business interruption claim will be subjective, so having an educated conversation with the insurer might not be possible.

Instead, you need the help of 1800Adjusters™. The best time to call us is before you file the claim with the insurance company. Otherwise, you might say something or agree with something that hurts you in the end. Remember, the insurance provider isn’t looking out for you, but we are.

What Do Our Public Adjusters Do For Your Business?

If you experience a business loss, you can rely on our experience. We know how to negotiate business interruption claims that mitigate your losses. We help you file a comprehensive claim that gets the attention of the insurance company. In the end, you are left with financial recovery and the ability to stay in business. There’s no reason to walk away from the business you love simply because of a setback.

Here’s the process we use to help you.

  • Evaluation: First, we look over your business interruption policy to ensure your loss is covered. If a company promises you anything without first looking at this information, you don’t want to do business with them.

  • Strategize: After we review your policy, we can work on a strategy to get you paid. We will review the insurance compliance aspects to ensure that nothing we do will void your claim. Many people attempt to do this themselves and get burned in the process.

  • Itemize: We have to itemize what you lost because of the disaster. We work out a comprehensive business interruption model that proves what you are requesting is accurate. With our valuation, we provide supporting evidence from a team of professionals in the field. In the end, the insurance company can’t argue with our demands.

  • Settlement: Once the insurance company understands that we won’t back down, the adjusters become willing to give us what we want. We will get that settlement you deserve and help you stay in business. Our primary goal is to ensure that you and your employees are taken care of. Count on us to be on your side during a loss.


8 Billion Dollars per year

Total property damage from fire according to FEMA


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