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Commercial Claims

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Public Adjusters for Commercial Claims

Disasters don’t make appointments around your business hours. Damages occur at the most inconvenient times, threatening to destroy your business. During the aftermath, you want to stay focused on your customers and maintaining critical operations. The last thing you want to deal with is insurance claims and adjusters.

Will you get what you deserve from your insurance company? In most cases, the company puts its financial goals ahead of yours. They will factor in the smallest amount possible to get you to settle. In the process, your business suffers. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you put your trust in the hands of the experts at 1800Adjusters™, you will have a team of professionals fighting for you every step of the way.

We remove the burden off of your back by handling the claim from start to finish. It doesn’t matter how small or large the request is, our team is committed to getting every penny you are entitled to. We evaluate the loss, document the situation and appraise the value of repairs. After that, we negotiate the claim directly with your insurance company so you can stay focused on business.

Here’s our process



After you have secured your livelihood and made sure everyone is safe, you want to reach out to our team to mitigate the damages. It’s vital to ensure that the property is safe from additional harm and that the claim is filed promptly.

You won’t want to embark on this endeavor alone. If you make one small mistake on the claim, it could cost you dearly later. Our team will make decisions that are ideal for preserving your business. While you focus on keeping the operation running smoothly, we ensure you get the compensation needed to continue in the future.


Create a Strategy

Our team of experts curates a strategy that helps you achieve your goals. We look through the policy to understand all of the terms. We will need to see the coverage limitations and valuation methods to ensure we file the claim accurately. All of this must happen promptly for the best results.

Our appraisers, engineers, contractors and other professionals work to document and value all of the damages appropriately. We provide the insurance company with a detailed claim that’s been itemized. In this claim, we must factor in property damage and the time element. After all, you aren’t just losing damaged machinery and property, but also income and other financial burdens. There might also be extra expenses required to continue operations.



We will ensure that your claim is a priority with the insurance company. Our team keeps everything expedited to guarantee a prompt settlement. We handle all of the negotiations for you until an acceptable settlement is achieved.

Once we secure the final outcome, you can then proceed with repairs and restoring your business. Without our help, who knows what the solution will be. In many cases, it’s possible that you will not receive the compensation you deserve unless you hire a professional to fight for you.

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Commercial Claims We Handle

We are here to provide services for a variety of losses.  Some of the most common claims we receive include water damage, smoke damage, fire damage, vandalism, theft, storm damage, wind damage, leaking roofs, plumbing issues, collapse damage from natural disasters.

Even if you don’t see your problem listed here, it’s likely we can still provide guidance. The licensed and experience professionals at 1800Adjusters™ are here to serve you.Let us take care of your commercial claims so you can focus on your business.

Water and Flood Damage

Whether you are suffering from broken pipes, sewage backup, frozen pipe leaks, water coming from a leaking roof or appliance leaks, you need someone on your side to deal with the insurance company.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire losses tend to be one of the most devastating occurrences for people. The fire damage not only requires critical short-term decisions but also creates a lot of pressure and stress.

Wind Damage

What happens after a storm is critical to ensuring you have the financial compensation you need for repairs.

Sinkhole Damage

No matter what type of sinkhole you endure on your property, you need experts in the field to navigate the claim correctly.

Hail Damage

A hail storm can lead to holes in the roof, broken windows, water damage and shredded panels. Ice can lead to roofing issues or plumbing problems.

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