COVID-19: We Are In No-Man’s Land

1800Adjusters FL and NY Business Closed

Forty-six states shut down non-essential businesses during the coronavirus outbreak. This is unprecedented and has not been seen before in our country. Because we haven’t had to deal with this before, there are many areas where Americans realize they need guidance and advice. One such area would be with your liability coverage, especially if you are a business owner. Allow us to perform a “deep dive” into your coverage to ensure you have the protection you need during these trying times.

What Does an Insurance Claims Public Adjuster Do?

Our insurance claims public adjusters play a vital role during this difficult time. Not only do we help policyholders get what they are entitled to, but we can also review your policy before you need it. We look over all of your policies, including auto, property, life, health and business. If you need to file a claim, you want to know that you have the coverage required.

If you face a claim, our adjusters will verify the claim and determine the appropriate amount for settlement. We do this with experts in the field that can give us accurate estimates on the damages. Our investigative process includes:

  • Interviews with the claimant and any witnesses
  • Gathering police, medical, fire, etc. reports for review.
  • Receiving statements from professionals in the area, whether it be in the construction, medical or law field.

Throughout the entire process, our claims adjusters gather extensive amounts of information. We make sure that everything is completely documented with statements, photographs and in-depth records. Then, we put together a comprehensive report that is presented to your insurance company.

Our team also goes to the negotiation table with the insurance company. After all, it’s not easy to fight with such large organizations, but we have the experience needed to get the job done. We don’t quit until the insurance company provides a fair and reasonable settlement offer. Most times, the provider gives in to our requests because they know we aren’t going away.

Help During Coronavirus

Whether you need us to look over your policy or you want us to file a claim for loss of business, we are happy to help. Contact 1800Adjusters ™ for your consultation today.

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