Earthquake Damage

Earthquake Damage

Residents across 42 states* are at risk for earthquakes, yet few people have the insurance to cover a loss. At first, earthquake damage might not be evident to the untrained eye. Many times it is hidden, or simply results in a small crack. However, this minor imperfection might actually cause the structural integrity to weaken, thereby putting your family at risk.

When you contact 1800Adjusters™, our team of earthquake experts goes to work for you. We start by analyzing your existing policy to determine what is and isn’t covered. If there’s a way to get your claim paid, we will make it happen.

Next, our team analyzes all of the destruction. We use qualified contractors, adjusters and structural engineers to ensure that the smallest damage is documented. If your home is unsafe, we also guide you into temporary housing and account for all of those costs as well. After all, your safety is our top priority.

From here, it’s time to work with the insurance company. You could attempt to do this yourself, but they aren’t going to listen to your concerns. Instead, they prefer to strong-arm policyholders into signing agreements and moving on, leaving you with minimal money to repair or rebuild. With our team involved, we ensure that your claim is made a priority. We continue to follow up with the insurance company and have your claim expedited. When all is said and done, most companies prefer to settle with us quickly and quietly.

You can count on 1800Adjusters™ to negotiate the maximum amount of compensation possible for your covered claims. It’s our goal to ensure that your family is safe, protected and that you have your financial needs met. We work for you, not the insurance company. It’s time you had someone on your side.

8 Billion Dollars per year

Total property damage from fire according to FEMA

Earthquake Damage


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