Fire Damage Claims for Residential and Commercial Clients in New York

FFire damage is one of the leading reasons to file an insurance claim*, whether it be for a residential or commercial property in New York. So, what do you do if you have recently faced fire damage? Here are four tips from 1800Adjusters™ that will help you get the reimbursement you deserve.

File a Claim Immediately

You don’t want to wait to file a claim. The insurance company requires that the loss is reported as soon as reasonably possible. However, you don’t want to file the claim alone. Before you pick up the phone or go on the internet to start a claim, call 1800Adjusters™ for guidance. Making one wrong move at this early stage could cost you money down the road.

Request an Advance

1800Adjusters™ can help you request an advance on your insurance claim. This money will be paid against the Personal Property or Contents Coverage and will be necessary if you need to temporarily relocate or pay for basic needs.

Save All Receipts

You must save any receipt for work you have done or back up your expenses. If you don’t document what you’ve spent, you may not receive reimbursement, which costs you money out of your pocket.

Don’t Give In

Your insurance company might attempt to settle the claim with you. Just remember that the insurance adjusters are not on your side. It’s not in their best interests to pay your entire claim because their goal is to save the insurance provider money. If you want the protection you deserve, you need a public adjuster by your side. 1800Adjusters™ is the trusted resource for Long Island residents. We know how to estimate your claim to ensure everything is included. We also follow through until you get the settlement you deserve.

For a FREE Consultation on any property damage, give us a call at 1-800-Adjusters, (1-800-235-8783).


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