Giancarlo Raspanti

Giancarlo Raspanti

Giancarlo Raspanti

Pennsylvania License #1595431

Giancarlo Raspanti strives to live every day in pursuit of helping the consumer. He understands that most people don’t stand a chance when it comes to fighting against the insurance company, which is why he loves to offer his services. Because of his commitment, the 1800Adjusters™ team continues to flourish.

Giancarlo grew up in Sheepshead Bay. He attended Murrow High School and NYC Technical College. During that time, he earned an Associate’s Degree in Accounting, which is what helps him to understand numbers and the insurance industry deeper.

Prior to becoming a public adjuster, he was a NYC police cadet. He then became a police officer in 1996, hoping to serve the greater New York City area. In 2018, he retired, but he wasn’t ready to stop fighting for what’s right. Instead, he aimed to put his extra time to good use by helping others get what they deserve.

By becoming a public adjuster, Giancarlo continues to serve his community. This profession offers daily challenges that help him to become a better person each day. In retrospect, he can see how his time as a police officer helped him to accomplish greater success in the insurance adjuster industry.

From a personal standpoint, Giancarlo has one son that is his life. He also continues to support the community by being an active member of the PBA (Police Benevolent Association). Additionally, Mr. Raspanti attends St. Marks Church, located in Sheepshead Bay. One thing that is unique about Giancarlo is that he can also speak fluent Italian.

Giancarlo continues to prove why he is an asset to the 1800Adjusters™ team, and why you want him on your side. He always devotes every ounce of himself to the cause and puts his clients’ interests at the forefront of his mind. He had suffered his own fire and understands first hand how overwhelming a claim can be and why a public adjuster is so important.

If you are entitled to compensation from the insurance company, you don’t need to fight it out alone. Ask Giancarlo Raspanti to get in the battle with you.


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