Heavy Snow Leads to Property Damage

In 2019, $2.1 billion in insured losses were caused by winter storms*. Heavy snow is a common occurrence in the North, with winter storms already passing through this year. In some cases, the heavy snowfall can cause the roof or building to collapse. When this happens, 1800Adjusters™ is ready to fight for your rights.

Heavy Snow Causes Structural Failure

During snow events, several factors lead to building collapse.

  • Snow load might exceed the structure’s ability.
  • Sliding and drifting snow cause a heavier load.
  • Structure was constructed deficiently.
  • Insufficient maintenance.
  • Inadequate drainage.

Commercial property owners must be aware of unbalanced snow loads. Larger structures can accumulate different depths of snow across the property. This uneven weight increases the chances of collapse.

Additionally, residential property owners should remain aware of sliding snow. This phenomenon occurs when snow moves from a higher part of your roof to a lower portion, leading to damage. The type of roof you have will determine how much snow can safely sit on top of your home.

Call Us for Snow Damage Claims

If your property suffers from snow damage, you can call 1800Adjusters™ for help. Here’s what we will do for you.

  • Evaluate insurance policy.
  • Inspect the property damage.
  • Document all of the structural damage, as well as the contents that must be replaced and the loss of revenue.
  • File your claim with the insurance company.
  • Negotiate on your behalf to get everything you deserve.

The insurance company is doing everything it can to get out of paying on winter storm claims, and you won’t be able to fight them on your own. Put 1800Adjusters™ in your corner to ensure you get everything you are entitled to. While we fight the claim for you, your time can be spent focusing on more important matters. Let us relieve the burden from your shoulders.


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