Just when your business and property can’t handle one more setback, you are left to deal with civil unrest. Recently, we’ve seen the riots occurring in America lead to looting, vandalism and the destruction of property. In fact, the Claims Journal states that “insured losses from riots reach catastrophic levels.”*

So, how is a business supposed to protect itself during this time? First, it’s important to review your insurance policy. The Insurance Information Institute claims that riots, vandalism, looting and fire are covered perils under most business owners and commercial insurance property policies.** Plus, the merchandise stolen by looters should also be covered. The III also claims that an estimated forty percent of small and mid-sized businesses will be protected by their interruption coverage.

What To Do When the Riot Causes Damage?

As a proactive measure, you want to review your insurance policy. But, once the damage is done, you need a competent team on your side to get what you deserve. At 1800Adjusters, we ensure that your claims are handled right the first time. After all, the insurance company isn’t looking out for what’s best for you. Instead, they want to save a buck – at your expense.

Our experienced public adjusters work for you. It doesn’t matter how small or large your claim is, we will handle it. Plus, we never charge a fee to consult with us. We handle the following aspects to ensure your claim gets paid.

  • Inspection of damaged property
  • Damage assessment, including any aspects that are hidden or will cause trouble down the road
  • Filing of paperwork with the insurance company
  • All communication with insurance provider

We walk with you from the beginning of the process through the settlement. You are never left to negotiate on your own. Don’t make a terrible mistake by attempting to file on your own. Call 1800Adjusters first.




** https://www.iii.org/article/civil-disorders-and-insurance