Hillel Stein

Hillel Stein

Hillel Stein knows what it takes to win with the insurance companies. He understands that the insurance providers aren’t looking out for the best interest of today’s consumer or business. Instead, they hope to save money by taking advantage of the unsuspecting policyholder, and he strives to do something to change that for his clients.

Hillel Stein is a proud graduate of St. John University. He went through the School of Law and passed both his New Jersey and New York bars to become licensed. This legal experience makes him a surefire asset to the 1800Adjusters™ team.

In addition, Mr. Stein has previously served his community as a paramedic for the FDNY. This further reveals the character of Hillel and shows he is passionate about helping others.

As a public adjuster, he wasn’t satisfied with being like everyone else. That’s why he took it to the extreme and became licensed in not only New York but also Florida and New Jersey. He wants to ensure he can help people from across the nation.

Throughout his years of representing commercial and residential clients, he has negotiated for millions of dollars. These cases involved some of the smallest property damage claims to large, commercial concerns. In all cases, Hillel provides his clients with the same level of dedication and attention.

Since becoming a part of the 18000Adjusters team™, Hillel has shown himself to be a leader. He has a clear focus for his future and hopes to help countless other consumers in the process. His hope is to earn the trust of more people across the nation so that he can fight back against the injustices coming from the insurance companies.

You deserve more than what the insurance company plans to give you. Choose Hillel Stein to get what you are owed.


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