How Public Adjusters Can Improve Your Company’s Insurance Settlement After a Hurricane

How Public Adjusters Can Improve Your Company’s Insurance Settlement After a Hurricane

You insured your business because you know disasters can happen. If it indeed happened, then you should be fully covered. Unfortunately, many insurance companies always look for ways to make the minimum settlement. To make things worse, many business owners are also ignorant of their rights. This is especially true if the disaster is complex and losses difficult to calculate. One of such cases is the hurricane.

Every year as we approach September, the risk of the hurricane is increasing. It is a disaster we can do little to stop. But you can let a professional public adjuster analyse your insurance policy and ensure your business is fully covered. If there are unclear or shady conditions in the policy, it is easier to get them sorted before you need to claim. But there are still more things that public adjusters can do for your business insurance.

Why Your Business Need a Public Adjuster for Hurricane Claim

It is difficult to assess the impact of a hurricane on a business entirely. You can think about the damages the wind did to your building and properties. You can think about how it stops your production and services. Your staff can get injured or emotional trauma. All these can be quantified. But what about customers that you may have permanently lost to your competitors, the impact on your business reliability and reputation. Maybe a loss of some intellectual properties and disturbance to your growth plan. All these are open to different interpretations. As a business that the insurance companies too are, they will want to minimize their loss by reducing your settlement. That is why you need someone who knows a lot about insurance but doesn’t work for the insurance company.

Public adjusters work for you and not for your insurer. Their only job is to help you earn the maximum benefit from your insurance policy. They understand the system and will use their expertise to your advantage.

Will it Make a Difference?

Certainly yes. Studies show that, on average, claims that public adjusters process earn more than seven times those that the policyholders handled. Hence, it would be best to let a public adjuster handle your hurricane claim.

How 1800Adjusters™ Can Help You

1800Adjusters™ represent qualified and experienced public adjusters across the country. We handle all types of insurance claims irrespective of how big or small they are. We will get that settlement you deserve and help you stay in business. Our primary goal is to ensure that you and your employees are taken care of. Count on us to be on your side during a loss. For a FREE consultation, give us a call at 1-800-235-8783.

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