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When it comes to navigating the complex world of insurance claims, many individuals find themselves facing a multitude of questions. From understanding the role of public adjusters to maximizing settlements, it’s essential to have clarity on these crucial topics. In this blog article, we aim to address frequently asked questions related to insurance claims and public adjusters, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions. Whether you’re dealing with property damage or any other insurance claim, we have the answers to help you navigate the process with confidence. So let’s dive in and shed light on some of the most common questions surrounding insurance claims and the valuable role public adjusters play in ensuring fair and equitable settlements.

Will I get a better settlement by using a Public Adjuster services?2020-01-19T04:16:10+00:00

In every case that 1800Adjusters™ has handled, we always get considerably more on a building and contents than the insurance company has offered you originally.

Does it take longer to settle if I use a Public Adjuster?2020-01-19T04:16:46+00:00

By not knowing the procedure and staying in constant contact with your insurance company adjuster, your claim will invariably take a back seat and may very well get lost in the mix. A common scare tactic that insurance companies use is to tell a homeowner their claim will take longer with a Public Adjuster. At 1800Adjusters™ we will cut through the red tape and push your claim through faster.  We will address any problems and questions promptly. And we will correspond frequently through faxes, phone calls, and letters to keep your insurance company on its toes.

Does it cost money to hire a Public Adjuster?2020-01-19T04:17:15+00:00

No, it does not cost you anything to hire a Public Adjuster. 1800Adjusters should be your first call rather than your insurance company.

Will my insurance company be offended or may even jeopardize my settlement if I hire a Public Adjuster?2020-01-19T04:18:32+00:00

95% of all major fire losses are handled by Public Adjusters. While insurance company adjusters are not allowed to say it, they usually prefer dealing with a professional who know how to handle the claim and with whom they can communicate on a professional level. A Public Adjuster takes a big burden off the insurance company adjuster by answering all of the homeowner’s questions, receiving all the phone calls and preparing the proper paperwork.

Will my insurance company prepare a detailed and unbiased inventory of my personal property?2020-01-19T04:19:20+00:00

The inventory is not just a list of things in your home. The preparation is never as detailed as when it is done by a Public Adjuster. The insurance company adjuster simply does not have the time to properly prepare this document. The prices, ages, and descriptions put on the inventory (which highly impacts the claim), are left to the judgment, of our insurance company. At 1800Adjusters™, we are your personal representative, skilled and knowledgeable in carefully preparing your inventory to achieve the best possible for you.

Will filling a complaint to my insurance department give me the settlement I deserve?2020-01-19T04:19:48+00:00

The NYS Insurance Department is unfortunately very ineffective and overloaded with complaints. They are more of a licensing organization than anything else. They cannot tell an insurance company how quickly or how much to pay you.

Will my insurance agent help me get a settlement?2020-01-19T04:20:21+00:00

Your agent is a salesperson who cannot interfere with the settlement process. He is not an adjuster.

It is wise to wait to see what my insurance company offers first?2020-01-19T04:21:09+00:00

Most people hire a Public Adjuster within 48 hours of the fire. It is much harder to straighten out a claim after it is processed by their insurance company. Also, valuable time is lost. If you were going to court on a case involving over $100,000, would you go with a lawyer who had a carefully prepared case or go alone and see what the outcome was and then hire a lawyer?

Will the attention and timely response I receive from my insurance company adjuster continue throughout the claim process until I get paid?2020-01-19T04:22:12+00:00

After gaining your trust and confidence and performing the initial required tasks, the level of communication and service begins to breakdown. The claim now begins to fall into the abyss of hundreds of other fire victims’ claims. A good Public Adjuster will be your personal consultant and expediter throughout the entire process of the claim until you have settled back into your home.

Are all Public Adjusters the same?2020-01-19T04:25:03+00:00

Like any other profession, there are good and bad. A good Public Adjuster should be able to provide you with many references or previous clients and be able to demonstrate the enhanced settlements he has achieved, versus the original offer from their insurance company.

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With 1800Adjusters™, you know we are on your side. Our team has the experience and can show you our results. Our reputation in dealing with insurance companies and property owners speaks for itself. We are looking to help you, not the insurance company. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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