Our Services

Our Services

When you deal with a loss, the insurance company utilizes an adjuster. Why should you be expected to have less protection than they do? Our public adjusters reduce the burden and stress you face while dealing with insurance companies. Whether you are suffering from a household loss or disaster at your business, our team of professionals is equipped to guide you and get what you deserve. 1800Adjusters™ takes care of your residential, commercial, non-profit and veteran claims. We care about your needs.

We provide the following services throughout your claims process.



All of our work begins with a complete inspection of the damage. We examine what’s been lost and review your existing insurance policy coverage.

During this time, we can provide an accurate estimation of the loss and determine what the repairs will cost. This is often quite different from what the insurance company will decide, which is why you must have an independent evaluation performed.



We deal directly with your insurance company. Our team documents everything and manages the claim for you. To receive the full benefits you are entitled to, we must prepare the paperwork and deal directly with your provider.

Because we are filing all of the paperwork and navigating all of the communication, you will have some extra time on your hands. Not only does this reduce stress, but also frees you up to deal with more pressing matters.



We don’t allow the insurance company to drag their feet. You deserve prompt compensation for your loss, and we will make sure that happens. Our experts know how to level the playing field with your insurance provider to get things done. Not only will we receive the compensation you deserve, but we get it done fast.



Most importantly, you need to get what you are entitled to. Any time that there is a covered loss, you want as much as possible so you can replace the lost items, rebuild what’s damaged and take care of your family.

We make sure you are amply compensated. The insurance company isn’t concerned about what’s best for you, but we are. We don’t stop until you receive every penny you deserve. Whether it is a house fire or business loss, we place you at the top of our priority list. While the insurance company is interested in getting rid of you for the lowest dollar amount, we know how to get results.

All Claims Handled

Our team of professionals will handle all of your claims. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or property manager, you will find that our services provide you with the compensation you require. Reach out to us before you file your claim to ensure there are no mistakes made that could lead to costly loopholes.

At 1800Adjusters™, we have a team of appraisers, loss experts, contractors, engineers and attorneys working for you. No stone goes unturned when it comes to getting you adequate compensation. Our adjusters are prepared to fight the battle for you.

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What We Handle

Residential Claims

Residential Claims

Commercial Claims

Commercial Claims

Non-Profit Claims

Non-Profit Claims

Veteran Claims

Veteran Claims

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