Spoiled Food Insurance Claims After Texas Winter Storm

When the power went out during the recent winter storm in Texas, tons of people lost fridges and freezers full of food. What many people don’t know is that some insurance companies cover food spoilage, allowing you to get some money back on your loss.

Food Spoilage Claims

Not everyone is entitled to get money from the insurance company, but it’s worth looking into. 1800Adjusters™ can perform a complete analysis of your insurance policy to see what you are entitled to. To get money, you might need to make a list of everything that you threw out. If you have some proof, it’s always helpful to provide it. Take pictures of the food in your trash can and send them with the claim.

True Cost of Food Spoilage

Aside from the food you threw away, you might have other coverable expenses that need to be reimbursed*. For example, if the power outages forced you to eat at restaurants or stay in a hotel, you might be entitled to some compensation.

Before you call your insurance company, contact 1800Adjusters™. Your provider isn’t going to voluntarily offer you any benefits, especially since they need to pinch pennies right now. The only way you can guarantee you get what you deserve is by having a qualified insurance adjuster on your side.

We will handle the following tasks:

  1. Read your policy and ensure coverage.
  2. Document all losses, the obvious and not-so obvious.
  3. Submit your detailed claim to the insurance company with a request to expedite payment.
  4. We follow up and stay in front of the insurance company through the process. They often give us what we want so they don’t have to continue dealing with us.
  5. We provide you with the settlement you deserve.

Get started with a free consultation today. Call 1-800-adjusters (1-800-235-8783).

* https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2021/02/22/texas-freeze-folo-how-to-get-reimbursed-for-spoiled-food-hotel-stays-and-clean-up-costs/

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