Storm Season 2021: Brace Yourself, We May Be in for Another Active Hurricane Season

In just a few short months, the Atlantic hurricane season will begin. Even though there is still time to prepare, forecasters are scrambling to get ready out of the anticipation that it will be a busy season. With 127 miles of coastline*, New York residents need to be prepared too. If a hurricane were to hit the area again, it would be imperative that you have a good public adjuster on your side.

Why a Long Island Public Adjuster?

Devastating storms and rising floodwaters can quickly destroy your home or business. It only takes minutes for everything you’ve worked for to be swept away. If you have to rebuild after a storm, you don’t want to navigate the claims process alone. During this time, you will feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next.

One would hope that the insurance company would be on your side, helping you to get through this difficult time. However, they are only concerned with their bottom line. Their adjusters do not work for you. Instead, they strive to save the insurance company as much money as possible. If you make one small mistake on your claim, you risk having it denied completely.

How a New York Public Adjuster Helps You

After a storm, 1800Adjusters will review your insurance policy. After understanding your coverage, we get to work examining the damage. Our team of professionals gets accurate quotes and prepares the information for the insurance company.

Once we submit your claim, we follow up with the provider to ensure everything gets expedited. If the insurance company pays the claim, you have nothing further to worry about. However, there might be a process of negotiation that takes place. We won’t quit until you get what you are entitled to. Don’t try to navigate this alone.  Call 1-800-Adjusters (1-800-235-8783) for a FREE consultation.


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