Theft And Vandalism Damage


Theft is the fourth most prevalent reason for a property claim*. Whether vandals attempted to destroy your home or something was stolen from your property, you must know that getting paid isn’t always easy. Your insurance company might be enjoyable to work with and it might have great customer service, but when it comes time to pay, the organization wants to protect its bottom line. That means getting you to settle for less than what you deserve.

Still, you’ve worked hard and it doesn’t make sense for some criminal to destroy the world you’ve created. What you need is someone that will fight for you and stand in your corner. You need someone that’s tougher than the insurance companies.

1800Adjusters™ knows how to handle claims for vandalism correctly. It’s important to fill out the claim forms properly from the beginning. Otherwise, your claim can be denied. Our team of experts begins by reviewing your existing policy to find out what is and isn’t covered. From here, we will know how to navigate your claim in the most efficient manner.

Our public adjusters work with a team of experts in the criminal justice field as well as with contractors. We can determine the cost you will endure to get back to the lifestyle you once enjoyed. Because these claims tend to be the most complicated, we put extra manpower at the helm.

When the insurance company finds out that we are involved, you stand a better chance of getting what’s owed to you. From filling out the appropriate paperwork to using the most skilled adjusters for your claim, you can count on us to put your resolution as our top priority. Don’t try and do it on your own or you might make a costly mistake.

We go to work for you and don’t quit until you get what you deserve.

Ranked 4th In Claims Frequency

2013-2017 Homeowner Losses*

source: ISO®, a Verisk Analytics® business.

Theft & Vandalism


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