What Is a Public Adjuster? 5 Reasons You Need One

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Around 1 in 20 homes with insurance have a claim every year. You may need to make a claim on your own home sooner than you expect.

When it comes to making insurance claims, very few things can be as helpful as hiring a public adjuster. A public insurance adjuster will work on your behalf to determine the true value of your claim and will help prevent insurance companies from lowballing you.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what public adjusters are and will list the top reasons why you may want to hire one.

What Does a Public Adjuster Do?

A public adjuster is a licensed professional who will help a business or individual file an insurance claim. You may decide to hire a public adjuster when you believe that the amount of the claim offered by your property or homeowner’s insurance company is too low or incorrect.

A public adjuster will work on your behalf and will carefully evaluate and assess the damage to your property. In exchange for providing services, they’ll take a commission for the amount of your claim.

Public adjusters can help with many types of claims. This includes claims related to flood, fire, hurricane damage, and more.

Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

There are many reasons to hire a public adjuster and many advantages of doing so. Here’s what you should consider.

1. They’ll Be On Your Side

One of the reasons that you should hire a public adjuster is because they’ll provide services on your behalf and won’t work for your insurance company.

Having somebody on your side can be very beneficial when making insurance claims. Your insurance company will primarily look out for their best interest and will pay the lowest amount possible for your claim.

2. Get a Higher Settlement

Remember that the insurance adjuster that an insurance company sends to your property will not have your best interest in mind. The adjuster will try to offer the lowest possible settlement for your claim.

By hiring a public adjuster, you’ll know how much the damages are truly worth and will end up getting a higher payment.

3. Handle Communication

When you’re making a claim and trying to communicate with an insurance company, it can be easy to get stressed out. It can be hard to know how to communicate with them effectively and ensure that you get what you deserve.

A public adjuster can schedule and attend meetings on your behalf and handle any communication you receive from the insurance company.

4. Save You Time and Effort

As a result of letting an insurance adjuster handle communication and other important tasks for you, you’ll have more time available.

If you have work and family responsibilities, it can be tough to keep up with your claim. A public adjuster can help take a weight off of your shoulders.

5. Experience and Expertise

When you hire a public adjuster, you’ll benefit from their professional expertise and experience.

Public adjusters are experts and know how to file an insurance claim and deal with insurance companies. They also know all of the relevant local laws and requirements.

Making the Decision to Hire a Public Adjuster

If you want to be prepared to make insurance claims, you should understand what a public adjuster can do for you. Hiring a public adjuster can save you a lot of time and effort and can help you ensure that you get a high settlement.

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