What to Do If Your Home or Business Sustained Damage from a Storm

What to Do If Your Home or Business Sustained Damage from a Storm

IWe can’t prevent a storm, but you can ensure your properties are covered when incur damage from a storm . If your home or business sustained damage from a storm, you must take action immediately to ensure your insurance claim is not denied. Here we will discuss the essential things to do immediately after the storm.

Ensure Safety

As your insurance claim is important, more is your life. Therefore, don’t walk straight into the damaged building immediately after a storm. Make a critical observation and ensure the house is safe to inspect first before stepping into it.

Evaluate the Damage

Inspect your home thoroughly and evaluate all the damages the storm had made to your home and properties. Keep a record of everything you are going to claim for.

Take Pictures and Pieces of Evidence

While submitting a claim form, you must provide evidence. Among the most critical proofs, you will need are pictures of the damaged part of your home. Therefore, take the photos while they are still available. Do not start to repair your building before taking photographs and discussing with your insurance company.

Collect Your Evidence

Put together all the evidence you have. Other proofs you may need aside from the pictures include receipts of expenses you incurred due to the damage.

Talk to Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company about the damage and request to be directed on steps to take.

Submit Claim Form

Typically, you will need to obtain a claim form from your insurance company. The form will likely be available on their website. So download it and fill it. Attach all your evidence and other documents they may require and submit your claim.

Hire a Public Adjuster Instead

Not many people will want to go through all the stress and hassle of filing a claim, especially after suffering a significant loss. Luckily, you don’t have to. You can hire a public adjuster to evaluate the damage and file a claim on your behalf. Most importantly, claims handled by public adjusters are usually processed faster and have a high chance of earning more payout than the ones dealt with by the insurance policy owners themselves.

We Can Help You

You don’t want to make a mistake when filing your insurance claim. If you make an error or you overlook something, the entire claim can be legally denied. Instead, reach out to 1800Adjusters™ first. We will work on behalf of you to get what you deserve.

When we call the insurance company, they know you mean business. Your claim will be expedited and we won’t quit until you are satisfied. Call us before you talk to your insurance company, 1-800-235-8783.

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