What Value Can a Public Adjuster Add to a Cyber-Related Claim?

If you experienced a cyber-attack, you might be mad at yourself for letting your guard down. You may also be frustrated about its impact on your client and how it will affect your business in both a long and short time. Perhaps, the only consolation is that your insurance probably covers your losses. However, calculating the exact loss may be challenging and open to different interpretations. That is why many organizations will prefer to hire public adjusters to file their cyber-related claims. At 1800Adjusters™, we specialize in these claims.

Who Are Public Adjusters?

Public adjusters are firms that represent insurance policyholders, help them file claims, and negotiate on their behalf. The primary aim of hiring a public adjuster is to increase the settlement. However, hiring a public adjuster will also relieve you of the stress of chasing your insurance company and enable you to focus on other aspects of your business. So, what value can a public adjuster add to your claim?

What Difference Will a Public Adjuster Make?

Public adjusters are professionals in insurance policies. They know the best way to interpret an agreement to favor their clients. Remember, public adjusters, work for policyholders and not for insurance companies. Hence their responsibility is to get as much settlement from the insurance company for their clients as possible, and they know very well the best way to achieve this.

If you hire a public adjuster from the beginning of your business with an insurance company, it will ensure your policy adequately cover every possible damage that may occur. It will fish out all shady content in the terms of the agreement. It will also advise you on the best practice to be safe.

If you need to make a claim, your public adjuster will evaluate the situation and come up with the best strategy to approach the insurer. It will include every detail to maximize your settlement. Then it will submit the claim and negotiate for you.

Knowing full well that a professional adjuster cannot be cheated, negotiation with a public adjuster will be faster than when it involves the real policyholder. The insurance company will also offer a better settlement. Generally, public adjusters earn their clients way more insurance settlement than what they would have got without an adjuster.

How 1800Adjusters™ Can Help You

Do not negotiate your cyber-related attack claim yourself, let 1800Adjusters™ handle it. At 1800Adjusters™, we specialize in helping businesses maximize claims from their insurance policies. Let us help you. We negotiate the claim directly with your insurance company so you can stay focused on business. Contact us today.

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