Will the Hurricane Cone of Uncertainty Change This Year?

The hurricane cone of uncertainty is the graphic used to show the path of an impending storm*. Typically, it reveals the projected path over the course of five days, but it does not reflect the size of the hurricane. It also will not measure the impact of the storm, such as the expected rainfall, storm surge, wind or flooding. However, it’s only accurate about two-thirds of the time, leading researchers to look for better ways to predict damage. Most years, the projections and technology used change slightly. While we wait for updates to this year’s model, it’s important that we prepare ourselves for the busy hurricane season.

Preparing for a New York Hurricane

As we have seen in Long Island, hurricanes can hit us at any time. That’s why it is imperative to be prepared. Here are a few steps you can take before the busy season approaches.

  • Construct an emergency supply kit. Make sure you have everything you will need for a few days.
  • Put together a Go Bag in case you need to evacuate. Don’t forget to think about your pets.
  • Map out your evacuation zone.
  • Know who you will call after the storm hits. You need a good public adjuster on your side.

Benefits of Hiring a Long Island Public Adjuster

When you hire 1800Adjusters for your property loss needs, you receive the following benefits.

  • Reduction of stress in an overwhelming time
  • Complete analysis of insurance coverage
  • Access to top professionals for an accurate estimate, considering losses today and in the future
  • Top-dollar settlements because the insurance company knows we mean business

There’s no reason to navigate this path alone. If you are the victim of a hurricane during 2021 or you suffer losses from any storm, contact us for a complete assessment. Call 1-800-Adjusters (1-800-235-8783) for a FREE consultation.

*Source: https://www.berkeybynmcl.com/understanding-the-tropical-cyclone-cone-of-uncertainty/

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